Are you afraid of failures?

Have you experienced failure in your life?

If Yes what was your next take?

If No? What made you experience failure, and what stopped you to succeed?

How do you define failure?

Well, for me failure is just a sign for you to set yourself and bounce back. Failures gives you learning, a learning that comes with experience, which no school, college or institute will tach you. You are your examiner and you are the examinee. If you stop yourself to come out of it, you will only do is discourage yourself my friend.

Don't be afraid of the failure. What you do after failure is what defines you.

Take your time, get the shit out from you, be firm and strong, and BOUNCE back.

That will be your new you, refined and nourished, a fighter and a protector of self.

Search for that version of yours. Never let go yourself.



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Lakshmi Mishra

Writer of blogs on Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Fashion, Self-care, and Personal Development. Wordpress website building is my new love.