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5 min readAug 10, 2021

Bedtime Stories..

Today, I have a very interesting and a deep thought provoking story for you.

This thought of sharing a story with you stuck to my mind when my 4-year-old was insisting his grandmother narrate a bedtime story for him.

We have all grown up listening to bedtime stories from our parents and grandparents.

Isn’t it?

And we used to wait for a brand new story every day. Isn’t it.

As I grew older and got to hear a new story every night, I used to wonder sometimes, how do our parents and grandparents get every day a new story for us, that too each story ended up with a moral.

The stories used to be so interesting and were so well narrated that they left a meaningful impact on our thinking.

And if you can remember, these stories also reflected on our thought process and helped us in some way or the other we took a decision.

Like for example, I remember very well, one fine evening, I was out for an evening walk and insisted on my elder sister for ice cream, after having one, I insisted to have another one.

And then I remembered, a story my grandmother narrated to me last night, that how Rohan in her story had to see a doctor and was made to be there in the hospital without his mother and father for not listening to them for having more ice creams.

And this made me stop myself and end up with one ice cream.

Well, this was just one experience that I had, but if I start remembering there are still many things to date that I learned from my bedtime stories.

I wish our little ones also remember their bedtime stories and learn the morals from them …

Well, the story I am about to tell you now is narrated to my son by his grandmother today.

I felt like sharing it for two very reasons.

First, I think the kids of this generation, hardly get to listen to the bedtime stories from their parents and grandparents coz, the families today have become nuclear, or parents and grandparents don’t get time to narrate a story to their grandchildren because of the hectic schedule.

I feel lucky are the kids of this generation who get their bedtime stories even today without a mobile, a tab, or a laptop.

The second reason to share this story is, the moral at the end that the story leaves behind.

I hope and wish I deliver a valuable message with this story…

Once upon a time, there were two men, Ram and Sham who lived near a town.

Ram was a true believer in God, throughout his day, every work he did would reflect his trust towards God. He used to praise God every day, every moment for all the happening in his life, either good or bad.

Sham was a worldly man. He praised a person who was above him and looked upon them who would be able to help him.

One fine day, when Ram and Sham were discussing while having their lunch, a king of the town happened to listen to their conversation.

Ram was thanking and praising God, for his lunch and his future. Sham said I thank the king of the town, for he shall take care of me.

The King was very much impressed by the words of Sham, but did not say anything and decided to observe both of them every day.

The next day, at the same time, while having lunch, Ram said the same thing, that God is great and shall take care of him and his future, and Sham said, the king is great and he shall take care of him.

The King heard their conversation and left for the day.

This continued for few more days.

One fine day, the king decided to call Sham to his palace.

Sham was very happy to hear, that he was invited by the king to his palace, and told Ram that his words have come true.

He was delighted to get the invitation from the king.

And the next morning, Ram was ready to go to the king’s palace.

It was also ordered that the bowl should be filled with precious jewels and gold coins that will be given to Sham, and upon that the sweet pudding should be served.

When Sham arrived, King told him that he happened to listen to the conversation he had with Ram every day during their lunch and was very happy with him, and therefore he decided to call him to his palace.

The King ordered his majesty to offer a bowl to Sham, as a thank you gesture.

Sham was very happy to hear this. He started eating the sweet pudding offered to him, he slowly and slowly ate the rice pudding.

Unable to finish the whole pudding on his own, he decided to take the leftover and offered it to Ram.

Without knowing what was there beneath the pudding, he left the bowl with Ram and told him that the king was very happy with him and has rewarded him. But whereas Ram who always praised God, has not done anything for him.

After Sham left Ram’s place, Ram started eating the pudding, and to his very surprise when he ate few spoons, he found those precious jewels and gold coins in the bowl.

He was very much happy and overwhelmed to see the same, and began to thank God for the same.

With so much money and jewels, Ram shifted to a new place and started a new life within the will of God.

After few days, When the king, saw that Sham was having his lunch alone he asked him about Ram. And Sham told the king that happened.

And then after listening to Sham, the King told him, that Ram was a believer in God and his trust in God was so strong and true that God has been with him all the time and he has very well taken care of him all the time.

Then the king told him, what he had to offer him in the bowl of sweet pudding, and how it landed up to Ram which made him so rich and happy.

Moral of the story: No matter what happens in your life, no matter where you be, have complete faith and trust in God. He shall not leave you ever.

Hope you enjoyed the story with a moral.

If yes, do take some time and nitrate them to your children.

Take care.

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