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An overview and review on Upstox.

Investment, Investment, Investment.

This is the word that surrounds everywhere, yesterday today and will in the future also.

Have huge savings? Invest

Have small savings? Invest

Have pocket money? Invest

Have knowledge? Invest

Be it a student, a working professional, a homemaker, a retired person, Investment is favorable for everyone. Make it in small portions or lumpsum, it has returned.

Once it becomes, a habit, it starts paying dividends.

I had the habit of making small investments, with the pocket money that I used to get ( as less as rupees 500/- per month) in my college days. And I will also like to say that my small investments were also very scary, and made me lose with my investments, as I had no knowledge of where to invest how to invest, and all.

It all began, when one of my friends was doing an internship that we got to do to complete our graduation. He had a target to open Demat accounts. And back in 2006, it was just when the concept of the Demat account was started.

So, to go with the flow, and as an interest to learn about new things, even I got the interest to open a Demat account and start investing in it.

I made an investment in one of the then leading Indian Telecom companies, on the advice of my same friend. And I did this for the whole year without compromising it. But my heart skipped a beat when after one year, I wanted to withdraw the investment that I made, as I had to undergo a loss of around 25ooo/- to the savings that I invested. That was the moment when I decided, I will not invest in mutual funds or any kind of shares anymore.

Time went on, I even lost the Demat account that I was using, and had no clue even how to reactivate it back also I had no plans to make any kind of investments. But I was always attracted to the word investment, all the time.

Then came this pandemic. And I was looking out for various options to work from home and start investing in whatever ways I could. And to my fortune, once again I got the opportunity to work with one of the fastest-growing brokerage companies in India, Upstox.

When, I joined I had no clue that Even I have to open an account and be able to use it, as it would help me to take up my job easily. All that interested me was that being a finance student, I am able to work with one of the finance companies and grow myself.

The biggest advantage I would say, that I got was the training that was given, to upgrade our skills on the concepts of the stock market (NSE, BSE), brokerage firms, mutual funds, investments, and other related concepts we need to consider before planning an investment. This practical training which we got for free if we go and do courses is going to cost us not less than 30000 to 40000/-.

There were few instances during my work, when I had to talk directly to the customers of Upstox who were already having a trading account in Upstox which made me understand why there is so much of negative information about stock market and why people are so scared to invest in stock market.

The account opening process in Upstox is a bit lengthy process, but it makes the whole process full proof that there is no scam or fraud that is being done with any of the customer who is associated with Upstox. The process being completely online, and at each step a very keen observation and verification is done to make sure, every information provided by the customer is safe and secure.

Let's learn more about Upstox

Upstox is one of the fastest-growing brokerage firms in India, having its base in Mumbai. Mr. Ratan Tata is one of the major marquee investors in Upstox. With Upstox account one will be able to trade in Stockc, Mutual Funds, IPO’s, Commodities, Future and Options. It comes with a pro app named Upstox pro and Upstox New that is available in web and mobile versions. Its interface is smooth and very easy to understand.

Unlike its competitors, Upstox has account opening charges, which is 249/- plus GST which comes to 293 rupees. But, yes on certain occasions say festival offer, or one can name it as a marketing tactic of the company, that Upstox gives zero accounts opening facility also. Also, Upstox gives all the users, 1000 free brokerage which is valid for 30 days.

Apart from this, Upstox also has an option of refer and earn which is offered to every person who has successfully opened an account with Upstox.

This referral amount also keeps changing from time to time and fluctuates between 400 to 1200/-. This referral amount is divided into two subsections.

The referral gets one portion of his referral amount when his or her referee successfully opens an account, and the other portion is received, when the referee trades using his or her own account.

Now let's check and discuss the important section of trading on Upstox — Account Maintenance Charges and the Brokerage Charges.

One of the best advantages of having a Demat account with Upstox is that it does not have any AMC, MMC, or QMC charges. So, if you happen to open the account when account opening charges were zero, then it's a boom for you.

While coming to brokerage charges, it also has changed a lot compared to what it was when I opened my trading account in Upstox.

The current brokerage charges are 2.5% or 20/- whichever is lower on Equity delivery, Intraday, Future & Options, Commodities, and Currencies. which is a bit higher when compared to other brokerage firms.

Understanding the available features on the app

Watchlist: This is the first option that is given to the users of Upstox. Firstly it's important to understand that the Upstox app is available in two different versions, and is named Upstox pro and Upstox New. In the pro version, the first option is mentioned as Watchlist, whereas in New version it's mentioned as MyList. The users can create up to 100 watchlists on their names and can save max. 100 shares in each watchlist.

My lists section in Upstox New Application.
Watchlist. This is the first option that is given to the users of Upstox. Firstly it's important to understand that Upstox app is available in two different versions, and is named Upstox pro and Upstox New. In the pro version, the first option is mentioned as Watchlist, whereas in New version it's mentioned as MyList.
Watchlist Section in Upstox Pro Application

Orders: The next option that one sees in the Upstox Pro application is Orders. Here, the user can check his or her, orders that are in holding positions and that which are executed. The overall picture of profit and loss can be checked here.

Orders Slide in Upstox Pro App

Whereas if the user is using Upstox New application, he or she will be able to see Trades as the second option. In this section, one can check the position of the orders places, holding orders, and executed orders, with the regular updates of profit and loss incurred in each of the holding orders.

Trades Section in Upstox New Application

Funds: This is the main important section in the Upstox Pro application. Here the user can check out his or her available funds for making the transactions. Upstox has provided 4 modes of transactions. They are UPI, GPay, Netbanking, NEFT/RTGS.

If the user uses UPI or Gpay for making transactions, he can make the transactions of rupees 1Lakh per day wherein no transaction fees is applicable.

If the user uses Net banking, he or she can do transactions of a minimum of 100 rupees and a maximum of up to 500000 rupees. The transaction charges are 7 rupees for every 500000 rupees.

The user can attempt to withdraw 80% of the amount from his or her upstox account to the bank account within 24 hours, and the rest 20% of the amount will be available for withdrawing in the next 48 hours.

Funds Section in Upstox Pro Application

If the user is using Upstox New Application, the fund's option is available in the profile section, which is available on the top left of the screen, then the wallets section.

Funds (Wallet) Section in Upstox New Application

Rewards: This option is visible under the profile section, after wallets, in Upstox New application. If the user wants to use refer and earn option, to refer someone, he or she has to generate their link which is embedded with their code, to invite their referees to the Upstox family. Also, the amount that will be credited for successful reference will be available here. This amount has to be transferred to their respective bank accounts to make the withdrawal.

Rewards Section in Upstox New Application.

In the Upstox Pro application, refer and earn option is available in the profile section.

Refer and Earn option in Upstox Pro Application.

My account: This option is available in the profile section, in the Upstox Pro application, with this option, the user can check all hi account-related information, and can use it to modify and update information like Email Id, Bank details, Nominee details, activation, and deactivation of a segment and deactivation of the trading and Demat account.

My Account Section in Upstox Pro Application.

In the Upstox New application, these details can be checked and modified in the profile section, then entered into the accounts section.

Discover: This option is available in the Upstox New application only. This gives many added advantage to beginners in learning the trends in the market and studying the companies based on different sectors. It gives a clear outlook about one week high performing stocks, one month high performing stocks, and many more stocks related information. This section also gives information about the upcoming IPOs.

Discover Section in Upstox New Application

Help & Support: A very important section wherein the user can get in touch with the team of Upstox in case of any additional information or issues relating to the account. This section has many pre answered questions that the user can check and get answers to the issue. Apart from this it has the feature of Chat with us and Raise a ticket, where the users can raise their issues, and the team shall get back to the user with a solution.

Help & Support Section in Upstox New Application

Notification: This section gives users information about the price of the scripts, the order updates, the rewards, IPOs, and the updates about the wallet section. This section setting can be turned off if the user does not want to receive any kind of notifications.

Notification Section in Upstox New Application.

As the article has already been long enough, I would like to continue in my next article the details about how to place an order using different features in Upstox Pro and Upstox New application.

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Any suggestions on this article are welcome. Hope you enjoyed reading and gained some knowledge from the write-up.



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