Lakshmi Mishra
2 min readDec 3, 2021

Medium Fever

My mornings start with Medium and end up in dreams without giving me any breaks.

Medium has gone deep into my bones.

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All I think the whole day is what am I going to write about today, how am I going to write, will this be fine for today? Do I need to research more to write? Do I need to read more to get involved in Medium?


I am stuck the whole day. Buff

Ahhhhh, all it has begun with the only reason, like for any other writer or a publisher on Medium would be. “Followers”.

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I don't know it is right or wrong, but yes, for getting more followers, getting more engagement, getting more readers to the write-ups that I publish, I am having sleepless nights.

Reading the most popular posts, promoting the same on social media platforms, it's so much to consume and consume. But the result is….

I wish I get back to my new normal back soon, with Medium being the reason for making me grow, I request the members to support and keep following me and my writeups, to make me achieve my new normal.

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