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3 min readFeb 15, 2022


when we meet people who are too young, energetic, and achieving success at a tender age, it not only gives us motivation but also goosebumps too.

Even a few words of interaction with them leave our minds with tons of encouraging thoughts, and we feel like listening and learning from them every day.

The kind of interest, dedication, and motivation, the youth of this generation Z have compiled with the upgraded technology that is their strength, it would be no wonder for us to see young scientists and entrepreneurs every next door.

And the jelly on the cake of today is Digitalization.

Digitalization has not only made our life easier but also opened doors to unlimited opportunities, that were just in our thoughts way 10 decades back.

It is only because of the popularity of digitalization that the Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora to name a few, has made laymen learn, earn and excel in their respective passions which were lying dead in their minds and make a decent earning from the same.

Digitalization has already proven that it’s no more only 9:00 to 5:00 jobs that are the only source of their livelihood, but one who has the dedication and will to do something can go to great heights in fulfilling their dreams and passions.

The Covid 19 pandemic has been the era of digitalization, and it’s only because of digitalization, that though a huge population has suffered no jobs and unemployment, digitalization has given birth to many entrepreneurs and the permanent solution of work from home to many.

Generation Z is great in not only getting innovations on their platter, but their minds are so well tuned that they give competition to people of age groups.

It was a happy moment for me to come across one such talented young student of Amity Online University, who is undergoing her graduation and also running her own startup.

Her name is Areeba Khatoon, an online digital marketer having her presence on LinkedIn and Facebook, who with her consistent dedication and hard work, is going great with her digital marketing business and is giving 30 days of accountability support to the business units.

Areeba started her journey as a digital marketer in the year 2020 and is on the way to making her personal brand.

It was way back in 2021, that her journey as an affiliate marketer began, after undergoing a few courses related to digital marketing, and inspiration from Russell Brunson.

Areeba Khatoon’s strategy is to follow and focus on one niche at a time, have their own skills grow them, and then implement them.

She has been consistent on Facebook and on LinkedIn for generating leads and converting them into her well-paid clients.

For more, information about Areeba Khatoon, and her services, you can reach her personally at her Facebook handle and on LinkedIn.

For sure, Areeba is going to be a leading and genuine affiliate marketer, who will be helping more lives to come around her.

I seriously, request all the youth, to get inspired by learning more about Areeba, her achievements at this tender age, and get inspired to do more every day.

Interview hosted and written by Lakshmi Mishra, founder of Digitalbuy. I encourage the youth and the new startups, by encouraging them to achieve their business's new heights and their clients with my platform Digitalbuy.

PS: Do not forget to go through the full video coverage of the interview with Areeba Khatoon.



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