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Why is Life Unfair to me? Is it the past karma or the present life actions ruling my path towards destiny?

Very often, we human beings, who are usually very spontaneous in giving reactions to the situations we face in our lives, ask our own self’s, Why Me? Why is it happening only to Me?

Why am I facing these challenges every day in my life? Am I here for this? Do I deserve this?

These questions of self-doubt and lack of hope come not only to the person struggling in their 40s and 50s but are also common among teenagers who just entered their 20s.

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Recently, while researching, for the same question, while going through the odds in my own life, I came across a very unique and justifiable answer to this question, which not only helped me be optimistic about myself but also gave me hope to see a better tomorrow.
I like to urge every individual reading the post, looking for the answer to this question, first check around yourself, is this question of life being unfair to me, been asked by any individual who is pure and positive towards life?

Take a few minutes from your life to double-check have you come across a person who is always diplomatic and always in the mindset of blaming others and demotivating others, asking for any similar question.

The answer would be No. Because such a personality will never blame life for being unfair or his karma.

Because these people are confident about their actions taken, that itself is right for them no matter what.
Life is unfair, to my knowledge and research said by people, who are usually soft, genuine, and hardworking, but because the situations they have come across in life had made them feel low, and ask such questions to themselves.
I urge every single person like me who comes across this question to understand that you are amongst those beautiful souls who are pure and loved.
These sets of people are so good that the happy faces of the unknown around them make them feel complete, and the bad temper of someone else leaves them in grief.
The only thing needed is to have a proper balance on their emotions. A balance in emotions will make them not be overwhelmed in a happy situation or lose their hearts when surrounded by sadness.

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Of course, this comes in a package of patience, consistency, and a daily check and reminder to self to have balance in life. That does not mean one cannot laugh when we are happy or not cry when we are sad.
But to be neutral. So that even in happiness, their faces glow and, when stuck in an unusual situation, have proper understanding to take action in life.

When this level has reached, whatsoever be the situation, our point of view changes, our approach to life changes, our way of handling the circumstances differ from the past, and most importantly, the feeling of empathy within ourselves emerges.
And then, my dear friend, life will not be unfair. We will not be saying Why me in fact, will turn it as I shall come over, even if it is meant only for me.

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Let me know your viewpoints, on the same topic, and kindly leave your words on how you handle such situations.

Lakshmi Mishra.



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